1983 a single with Annie-zette and the Alcantara 1990 in Paris Musette I : in this first album, François plays Annie-Zette, one of his renowned compositions, with Didi Duprat, Yves Torchinsky and Jacques Mahieux. 1993 in Paris Musette II : in this second album, François along with Didier Roussin, Didier Duprat and J.P. Viret, plays La Rabouine, one of Louis Ferrari's compositions.
1998 in Paris Musette III : Away from the dancehall world but faithfull to Paris Musette through his very new musette composition called Roger le Vénitien , François pays a special tribute to his teacher Roger Damin, a composer who had himself been impressed by the large range of possible harmonies in great jazz arrangers. According to Franck Bergerot, one of the producer of Paris Musette, Damin would prefer the company of singers and poets like Juliette Gréco, Catherine Sauvage, Francis Lemarque, Gérard Pierron...to the declining of musette. His music called « 5 doigts d'eau » is selected in 1993 for a commercial and is broadcast during the whole summer on French TV. He is invited by Laurent Marc, a vibes musician from Toulouse, to participate in his CD called A.M.L.M in 1995. In june 1995, he participates in Dominique Dimey's album « Bonjour les grands-parents ». Accordéon-La collection à suivre- vol III : In this compilation, François plays the Alcantara, recorded in 1996. A stroll along the Alcantara gorges, near Etna volcano and the Parisi family home village, inspired him this jazz waltz. With the album recorded in the late 2004/spring 2005, called Jazz in my musette, François with Mam let us discover new facets of his talent. To make you feel like listening to this album, pay attention to Pur hasard, to a new version of Alcantara, to Anni-zette or Roger le vénitien.